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PHPR has a comprehensive range of business services:

Strategic planning [more] If your marketing, sales and PR aren't working properly, you need a strategic fix to ensure your business rests on firm core values, with your marketing sales and PR all lined up and pulling in the same direction. We line up both short and longer term PR campaigns with your business core values and key objectives to outline a PR strategy and use that to create a tactical plan including a timetable, resources allocation, 6-month activity matrix, mission-critical objectives and agreed success measures, all pre-estimated and scoped in advance.

Media relations and e-relations [more] As former editors and experienced PR people, we not only have good media contacts, we know how to pull out all the angles to maximise your publicity and credibility. Our 8-step intensive media relations programme is designed to:

1. boost expert comment opportunities, both on and offline
2. generate news coverage on and offline
3. pro-actively create news stories through surveys and data analysis, again on and offline
4. come up with innovative features ideas
5. suggest creative visual approaches for magazines, journals, TV, and podcasts
6. pro-actively engage with online media and look for SEO enhancing opportunities
7. round-up all the relevant stories and working with your webmaster, boost your web content by creating your own online newscasts and e-zines
8. event support press relations designed to pull out media opportunities at up to 20 key phases in the run up, execution and post event phases

Media enquiry handling [more] It's no use generating intense media interest if you can't respond to urgent media demands. We can build a databank of approved Qs & As and prepare statements in advance to address many common issues to reduce the interruptions to your key spokespeople.

Media Training [more] We offer confidence-boosting training with current jouranlists and broadcasters to ensure that your spokespeople understand where the media are coming from and feel comfortable meeting the very different requirements of TV, radio and print journalists. And develop the ability to handle the unexpected questions well.

Annual Reports [more] Whether it's communicating your key messages to your stakeholders, or just proofing and advising on how to present complex figures and text, we have been involved in many annual report projects and have systems in place to deal with commercially sensitive and price sensitive material.

Community Relations/CSR [more] Greenwash or sustainable? We can help you embed and communicate values-based sustainable strategy and help you achieve engagement with your local community, support you in achieving 'kitemarks' to prove measurable and accountable commitment to CSR goals.

Copy-writing and Design [more] From blue sky conception to delivery on or offline, we help you deliver effective newsletters and marketing materials to maximise your cross-selling potential.

Corporate videos & podcasts [more] With our MD married to a braodcaster, we can produce anything from an audio clip for your website to full scale broadcast standard DVDs.

Crisis Management [more] Few organisations recover quickly or completely from a major crisis and it is much cheaper to run a preventative audit to highlight potential hotspots and address them in advance and run continuous issues monitoring to prepare for foreseeale problems.

DIYPR masterclasses [more] DIYPR masterclasses for SMEs, arts and not-for-profit organisations, plus support services such as press release brainstorming and polishing, and media list research.

Run by our MD, Penny Haywood, the author of the best-selling book DIYPR, the small business owner's guide to 'free' publicity (Batsford 1998). Penny has taught DIYPR to countless organisations since 1987.

Event organising [more] From a small scale promotional 'happening' to generate buzz at retail sites or exhibitions, to well focussed educational seminars, motivational conferences and launch events, success lies in attention to detail, meticulous planning, fail safe measures and the know how to acquire, brief and manage proven sub contractors: plus a darn good checklist based on years of experience.

Internal Communications [more] We have a wealth of ways to help motivate staff and keep them on-board. Whether your staff are scattered all over the world, or concentrated in large sites. Whether they are de-moralised through too many change management programmes, redundancies or crash mergers, we can help you implement communications programmes, intranets, staff magazines, and specific internal campaigns, plus help you benchmark staff attitudes in your sector.

International Media Relations [more] We are part of an international network of boutique PR agencies (PRBI -, all led by experienced senior PR practitioners dedicated to service excellence.

Market Research [more] Whether it's desk-based research or focus groups to test reactions to a new product. Or you can use us to telephone your client – they often tell us things that everyday contact doesn't reveal. We can work with you to help you learn more about your market or we can bring in experienced marketing professionals to boost your business.

Product Launches [more] We use brainstorming tools to generative creative solutions according to your key product features & benefits and your target audience. A launch we ran for a group of online archives achieved extensive radio, TV, newspaper and magazine coverage. Have you got something more interesting to launch?

Speaker platforms [more] We have good relationships with business organisations and professional conference organisers and can help train presenters, provide speech-writing and research services, and negotiate speaking platforms. And we practise what we preach: our MD is in Toastmasters International and regularly speaks at business groups.

Tracking issues & competitors [more] We keep you ahead by watching new issues and legislation go through early stage committees, trade bodies and in the news.

Interior Design [more] Interior Design, so your reception area and premises exterior do justice to your PR!