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PHPR provides a range of seminars to meet your needs:
DIY PR: proven half-day or one-day training for organisations and clubs serving small to medium businesses (up to 15 delegates) covering planning and implementing marketing sales and PR, including practical press release writing sessions. Research shows that using PR, marketing and sales techniques together delivers up to 50% more results than using the three promotional disciplines in isolation. Contact us to find out how to harness the power of integrated PR, marketing and sales.
DIY PR 1-to-1 training and support, starting with PR support and leading to stand-alone PR.
FREE* DIY PR demos: short writing press release demonstrations for business organisations and trade groups - everyone goes away with the start of a release! Contact us to discuss requirements.
* Subject to attendees not being charged, plus travel expenses outside the UK's EH postcode area.
Media Training: Proven confidence-inspiring and customised half day (print & online media) and one-day (print, online and broadcast) media training (up to 4 delegates) with broadcaster/ journalists & PR specialists. Contact us to discuss requirements.


Great PR Gaffs and how to avoid them: short talk with humorous anecdotes, suitable for after-dinner, or to liven up the after lunch slot where you need a serious subject: your company's reputation, handled with a light touch. Contact us to discuss requirements