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PR for new ventures

PHPR has two key services for new ventures: The Right Name and The Launch Pad

The Right Name
PHPR's The Right Name uses a combination of magic name generating processes to create appropriate and available names for your new company/product-services/ventures - all backed up by structured availability research on and offline. Plus we have links with some of Scotland's top patent & trademark attorneys.
Finding a good, available name isn't easy now that so many domain names have been taken. Finding an appropriate available name that won't be challenged by registered companies or trademark owners, and a name that has no bad history, is even trickier. But getting the right name is crucial. Ultimately your company name could be worth up to 80% of your total business value. That is because names are the cornerstone of Intellectual Property (IP) and IP encompasses not only the brands, systems, patents, databases and values associated with your company's name, but also the goodwill and reputation. Most of the companies listed on today's stock markets only own assets worth 20% of the value of their shares. It is that total share value: the market capitalisation, which determines the total worth of the business for a buyer. And all that rests on The Right Name!

The Launch Pad
Then you need to launch it! We have great press release ideas generation kits that can pull up to 20 different story angles from one event! Perfect for those days where your first releases clash with major hard news stories which bounce your news off the pages. Plus events management associates to handle any size of splash you care to make anywhere in the UK.