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PR for the IT industry

Our founder launched the world's first online bank in 1985, long before most people had heard of the internet. Called HOBS, it was devised by the Bank of Scotland and was the first time the BBC's flagship The Money Programme was devoted  to just one topic. Penny left the Bank of Scotland a year later to work with ICL computers, and was the start of our ability to communicate your complex technical information clearly and find ways to engage the end use. Under-pinning our technical communications clarity is a unique system of questionnaires and checklists allied to over 20 years of sector experience. We bring you the experience of working for a dynamic mix of blue chips and fast-growing IT companies on media relations, media training, DVDs, roadshows, copy-writing and customer communications. We have naturally nurtured relationships with key journalists and broadcasters and stay broadly abreast of the key sector developments.

Past & present PHPR clients include ScotlandIS, the Scottish software trade body, Xtraordinary Hosting, Electrum, Iizuka. Abelon (embedded technology), BT, (e-commerce) and Nochex (online payments).

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